Alix em aliceoscópios de amaravilhas

Clara Campos in "Ali se floram Allis"

Every time she returns from the Looking Glass, Alice is anxious, not knowing if it was all her dream or if it was actually a dream of the Red King, and if so, when he woke up, would she disappear like the flame of a candle? As a child, I also used to say inside my nightmares that it was all my own dream, and when I woke up all the monsters would disappear immediately. 

Alicinated from many adventures and reinventions, I'm creating new adventures for Alice, Alix, Allis, and many others who cry, grow and dive within myselves. Before bed when I was a child, the dreams used to come flying like soap bubbles and so I could choose my journey every night to mystical realms. These new travels will be born again in performances and oneiric games, and each new Alice will create, sow and pick her own dreams. Doing so, they will realize that life is also a dream, waking up to multireality, maybe surreality, a kingdom of wanderwonders and alicinations. 

All will take place in constellations of dreams, interconnected cartographies of awakenings in crystal bubbles and mist clouds and pollens in magical cycles of transmutation into rivers of tears and laughter, an alchemy to seek ourselves in awakened dreams. Alicinated about Alice and her adventures in the world of literature and arts, Adriana Peliano is a contemporary Alix who is planting a world of dreams where new Allises wake up in magicosmic adventures. 

Adriana Peliano and her aliceoscope

As with the river where the first story of Alice in Wonderland was told, the new Allises are in constant metamorphosis and transformation, between lucid dreams, rivers of tears and laughs of light, seas of petals of roses and hearts, gardens of enigmagic dreamingdrinks and rabbit clouds where dreams are planted, sprouted, exploded and spread. In waves of rainy magics, little by little, a series of stories, exhibitions, performances, workshops, publications and unpredictable impossibilities will flourish. Follow the cloud rabbit and these multiple alicinations will open new paths for free imagination, pregnant with new realities.

dollyallis in "Ali se plantam sonhos..."

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