8 de set de 2015

Festa de 150 anos de Alice na Bienal do Livro 2015!

"Thank you so very much for your lovely Alice book. You have written so brilliantly about Alice and what she is, and becomes, and may be... Your illustrations are true to your thoughts--mesmerizing, amazing, dizzying, powerful, You make Alice live!"
Clare Imholtz

"Adriana Peliano is one of the very best illustrators of Carroll to come along in many, many years. When I see what she is doing, I seethe with (friendly) envy."
Mahendra Singh

Adriana Peliano no Café Literário com  Gisele Gomes Maia, Marina Colasanti e Kátia Canton.

"This new book must be the most beautiful and bizarre edition of Alice ever ... Wonderful collages which fill ones head with all sorts of strange and exciting ideas. Thank you Adriana Peliano - I was delighted to receive this book." 

Mark Richards Former Chairman of Lewis Carroll Society, wonderful alicedelic collector and guardian of a portal to Alice's adventures in Surrealism.

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